A Talent Factory for Specialised Digital Training

Balance’s primary mission is to give importance to its’ employees and to their skills.

The know-how and capabilities of an employee is the number one strength of the company, which is why Balance is constantly investing in trainings and scouting the hidden talent for each resource.

Balance’s Digital Academy focuses on the study for the continuous updating of professional skills: this is a constant that accompanies the Balance professional in the growth of their skills but above all puts a particular focus on finding the hidden skills of each individual resource. It is aimed at both recent graduates entering the job world as well as junior and senior developers / analysts, guaranteeing specific growth processes for each path.

The Academy is located in the Cagliari office, born more than three years ago, and it works closely with the other offices in Milan, Rome, Florence and London. It was born as a research and development center in the field of Artificial Intelligence, to then grow in the world of business consultancy for digital technologies.

The Digital Academy of Cagliari has as its objective the expansion of the team and the training of new digital innovators: innovative projects, IT labs and highly specialized growth paths on digital technologies: Salesforce, Data Science, Analytics, Blockchain.

Real Projects, Real Opportunities, International Experiences

Training paths for fresh graduates
New resources each year
Specialisation paths for developpers and analysts

The Training Plan

Our Cagliari office will become the base camp for the new resources and all skilled people recruited, focusing on training and personal growth.

Through the selection of brilliant graduate students and junior and senior consultants, we plan to train both Soft and Hard Skills for the following profiles:

  • Courses with dedicated learning paths:
    The growth process progresses during the execution of the courses, personalized courses with the support of professionals from the most important Italian universities and learning at work.
  • We are primarily Salesforce Consultants, what does this mean?
    We work closely with our customers by supporting them in designing solutions and creating the most suitable ones for their business processes.
  • How can you become a specialised consultant?
    In Balance through the guided tour of the Digital Academy.
  • What does this path consist of?
    Balance professionals with decades of experience will assist you for:
    Continuous alignments during the study period; Verification of the skills acquired and gradual increase in the functionality to be acquired; Creation and resolution of use cases; Training on the job on customer projects.

Soft Skills

The basic training path includes Soft Skills. Being a developer with soft or personal skills means to have empathy and ability to adapt your communication to public. Many people naturally possess these skills, while others need to work in order to develop them. Our purpose is to have a major improvement expertise in these 6 areas, through the attendance of the appropriate courses.