This project is created from the collaboration between
Balance Consulting and Digitiamo

The technological partnership that pushes Einstein Bot to an unprecedented performance!

Discover the new system dedicated to Einstein Bot that will make its already extraordinary features even faster, more effective, more performing.

Discover all the benefits

Super fast power on

The system allows you to automate the entire chatbot training process, making it operational within few hours instead of days.

Quick yet precise

The new system expands Einstein's information clustering capabilities. It will be possible to analyze much more information and create custom clusters.

No complex integration

The system configuration has been designed to be very simple and accessible to any profile with digital literacy.

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What is Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein Bot is a natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) chatbot developed with Salesforce artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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The team


Number 1 CRM platform in the world, it is the tool capable of optimizing every phase of the sales funnel. Saleforce concentrates all customer information in one place, throughout the entire sales cycle, making the process more efficient.


Balance is one of the major Salesforce Leader Partners in Italy, working with the aim to constantly keep the customer at the center of the entire business process. It develops innovative skills and technologies functional to its customers in achieving tangible results.


Software company with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of developing products for companies of all sizes, where Artificial Intelligence always plays a fundamental role.

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